Advanced Riding School


20th August 2022, Killarney



W.P.M.C. Advanced Riding School

W.P.M.C. Motorcycle Riding School powered by Project Sixty SA will be hosted on Saturday 20th August from 08:00 to 13:30. It is open to riders of all makes of motorcycles who wish to improve their riding skills up to a standard of excellence, rather than down to a speed limit.

Riding schools are not just for superbike enthusiasts. No matter what you ride, you will take away potentially life-saving lessons in hard braking and accurate placement on the road, with input from experienced road and racing instructors in a safe and controlled environment, while enjoying your motorcycle in the manner it was intended to be ridden.

It’s not about speed, although the hotshots in the Fast Group enjoy riding very fast indeed. Even the most inexperienced riders in the Slow Group benefit immensely from riding around the circuit no faster than they would on suburban streets, repeating the same sequence of corners every two-and-a-half minutes and smoothing out their lines every time until precision steering becomes more a matter of muscle memory than conscious effort.

Arrival time on Saturday is from 08:00 to ensure enough time is set aside for scrutineering and bike prep.

Killarney Raceway

6 Potsdam Road, Table View, 7439, Cape Town South Africa

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W.P.M.C. Website

Read about the Western Province Motor Club Motorcycle Section

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Event Photography

Our track photographer is ready to catch you in all your glory but do keep your eyes on the track.

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Event Schedule

Please ensure your motorcycle is checked and issued a riding number by one of our scrutineers.
(Scrutineers can be identified wearing high visibility jackets, holding a clipper board and masking tape ;)

  • Adequate brake pad life
  • Greased chain
  • Fast throttle return
  • Good tyre life
  • No oil leaks

Location: New Pit Area

Prior to riding on track a briefing is mandatory. Gather around and listen carefully to the rules and track conditions being discussed.

Location: New Pit Area, Pit Lane

After the briefing the Fast group will go out on track, then Medium and then Slow.
This is the sequence which will be followed for each of the four riding sessions.

Location: New Pit Area, Pit Lane


Bookings open 11th August 2022 06:00

The Team

Team on the ground making it possible.


Wayne Arendse



Lance Jonas

Vice Chairman


David Enticott

Riders Representative / Sponsor Liaison


Robby Pedrica

Riders Representative / Sponsor Liaison